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A few notes on what I can bring to the table:

My career as a creative professional, which has greatly evolved through the last decade, is a spin-off from my formal education in architectural studies at UWM. The exposure I had to the world of architecture definitely set the stage and gave me a good understanding of visual impact. I have self-taught 90% of the software I use on a daily basis and I’m always enthusiastic and ready to learn something new.

I am a seasoned Adobe CC user, with advanced level knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop, and specializing in InDesign. I have been using these programs since the era of Aldus and Macromedia so, after a couple of decades of continuous use, these are second nature to me.

Being proactive:
I have spearheaded many projects in past and present jobs. Two of my “babies” required meticulous implementation of consistent corporate guidelines, and keeping a consistent look-and-feel of visuals utilized by a national company for their GPS systems. These two projects, more than any other I have developed, required frequent and proactive communication with the clients in order to make sure that everyone was “on the same page.” I have a wide range of experience with template development and corporate branding development and implementation, which I have been able to “sell” to management and clients alike. I’ve also interacted directly with publishers and vendors allowing me to cultivate symbiotic business relationships.

My multi-cultural background is a valuable asset when it comes to design and bridging the gap between people of different cultural backgrounds. I am a native Spanish speaker, perfectly fluent in English and can handle basic French. I have developed very effective interpersonal communication skills, which have proven to be invaluable to a successful, results-driven and collaborative work environment.
All about the details:
Organization is a bit of a “self-cult” and so is prioritizing and managing multiple projects. Even though I am most comfortable and happier during the design process, organizing a project and lining up tasks, for me or as part of a collaborative team, always brings a smile to my face. Meeting tight deadlines is always motivation to balance time management and priorities. Details are essential in every project I develop; the goal is always to produce the best quality possible.